AdTeam: You think it, We ink it.

AdTeam is a student run design service available to all students, faculty, staff, and clubs and orgs. The AdTeam is your resource for all graphic design and advertising needs on campus!

A variety of services are offered including flyers, posters, bulletin boards, brochures, t-shirt designs and more.


Prices are based upon the size of what is printed, not on the design itself. Almost any size document can be printed.

Listed below are the standard prices (other sizes are up to our discretion).

• 8.5x11 Black and White: $0.07 per page
• 8.5x11 Color: $0.09 per page (Flyer size)
• 22x17 or smaller: $12.00
• 24x36: $15.00
• 34x22: $15.00 (Poster Stand size)
• 40x28: $30.00
• 44x34: $50.00 (Bulletin Board size)
• Anything larger will be determined on an individual basis.

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