Campus Safety

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Chief of Campus Safety: Mike Easley

Contact:, 704-233-8999

The Wingate University Department of Campus Safety is committed to providing a safe and secure educational and working environment for students, faculty, staff and visitors. The primary concerns of the department are to protect and serve members of the campus community.

Wingate University is compromised of more than 1,700 students, faculty and academic support staff, who enjoy a protected environment. Safety is no accident! The Campus Safety Department, the Office of Residence Life and the Town of Wingate all work together to provide a formal structure for ensuring the safest possible surroundings for community members and their property.

In addition to these efforts, the most effective component of any safety program is you!

Don't Become a Victim

In order for a crime to occur, three things must happen - perpetrators must have the ability, the desire and the opportunity to commit a crime. You can help remove the opportunity. Being safe sometimes means being inconvenienced. Plan ahead and make safety a priority in your life!

Personal Safety Tips

• Know the Basic Rules
• Stay alert and focus on your surroundings. Be aware of who is around you. Avoid distraction.
• Walk purposefully, stand tall and make quick eye contact.
• Trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable in a situation, get out of it. Practice Personal Safety Habits
• Keep your room or apartment doors and windows locked at all times.
• Do not leave valuables such as cell phones or CDs in plain view in a vehicle.
• Travel in groups after dark.
• Clearly mark all personal property.
• Record all serial numbers from valuable electronics and computers.
• Discourage Careless Behaviors
• Never let anyone into a residence hall unescorted.
• Never jog or walk alone at night.
• Do not wear headphones while jogging or walking outdoors.
• Do not loan calling card numbers.
• Protect access and security codes.
• Report All Suspicious Activities, Trespassers, suspicious vehicles, Erratic or irregular behavior, Vehicle or building alarms.

Policies and Regulations

Familiarize yourself with the policies and regulations of the university (particularly in regards to alcohol, drugs and weapons) and the appropriate vehicle registration and parking requirements. University policies and regulations are detailed in the student handbook, and vehicle registration and parking information are outlined online in the Residential Parking section of the website.

Understand that all university policies and regulations exist for the good of the campus community and they will be enforced.

Policies and Regulations

Sexual Misconduct Policy:

Sexual Misconduct Quick Reporting Guide

Sexual Misconduct Survivor Packet

Important Contact Information

• 24 - Hour Campus Safety Number - 704-233-8999
• Emergency Phone Numbers - 9-911 from a campus phone.
• Blue-light help phones throughout campus provide a direct link to an emergency dispatcher.

For more information about campus safety and the Wingate University Annual Security Report, request the latest issue of "Safety and Security at Wingate University." You may obtain a copy in the following offices: Campus Safety, Dean of Students and Residence Life, go to or view WU Campus Security Report.