Why Join?

  • Most students entering Wingate might wonder:
  • Will I find other people who are interested in the same things I am?
  • Will I make new friends?
  • Will I be able to get involved?
  • Will I succeed academically?
  • Will I fit in?

These concerns are common, and the fraternity and sorority community at Wingate might be the answer. Sororities and fraternities can help you find your niche at Wingate, offer academic assistance, encourage you to be active in student organizations and community service, assist you in developing social skills and provide you a chance to make friends with similar interests.

Each chapter governs itself with its own elected officers and is supported through either the governing body of the Interfraternity Council (men's fraternities) or Panhellenic Council (women's sororities). It isn't a secret that fraternity and sorority member like to have fun! Individual chapters hold annual formals, date parties, mixers and barbecues. Social events like Parents and Family Weekend, Homecoming, Greek Week, and Founders Day Celebrations all create a well balanced social calendar.

The Greek community at Wingate has a long tradition of active involvement in local and national charities. Individual chapters organize and conduct both hands-on service events and raise funds for organizations like: