Financial Check-In

All students should verify your current status through your WinLINK account prior to arriving to campus.  Students may log into the system through and click on WinLINK login; students should use their network login information.  

  •  Click on the Financial tab and then the "statement" heading, anticipated aid and an anticipated balance are available for review (information is anticipated because financial aid and loans cannot be posted to student accounts until seven days prior to the first day of classes).
  •  For up to the minute changes you can click on the “balance” tab.  

If a remaining balance exists...

First off make sure that the Office of Financial Planning has received all of your materials.  Students can check this information in WinLINK by clicking on the "Financial Aid" heading to see the status of important documents.  Any item with a "Not Received" status should be sent immediately to the Office of Financial Planning.  

If all information has been received and a balance still exists, your family should determine the most appropriate method to resolve the balance prior to arriving on campus.  Options include:

  • Establish a Wingate University Payment Plan by contacting the Business Office at 704.233.8212.
  • Pay the balance using cash, check, debit or credit (Visa, Mastercard, or Discover).  Payments may be made over the phone by calling 704.233.8211.
  • Apply for additional student and or parent loans (if eligible) by contacting the Financial Aid Office at 704.233.8209. 

If a zero balance is present...

Congratulations on being clear!  

If you see an anticipated credit...

If there is an anticipated credit on the account from an excess of financial aid and/or loans, please determine how your family would like to utilize those additional funds -- two options exist:

  • Transfer funds to the Student ID card for use in the University Bookstore or other secures pending uses in the dining facilities.  If your family desires this option, please fill out the "Money Transfer Form" and submit that to the Business Office or bring the form to Financial Check-in.
  • Request a refund using the "Refund Request Form" and submit that to the Business Office or bring the form to Financial Check-in. Any excess funds resulting from a Parent Plus Loan must be sent to the parent unless the parent authorizes in writing that the student can receive the refund.


All students are required to financially check-in to the University.  

Incoming new students -- Friday, August 21 8 a.m. - 4 p.m. in Cuddy Arena.
Returning Students -- Sunday, August 23 from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. in Cuddy Arena.