Welcome to the Wingate University Family!

We anticipate great days ahead and look forward to partnering with you and your student to obtain the most out of their college experience.

Exciting opportunities, new challenges, and successes are in store that will help move your student into a life of self-sufficiency. Some parents approach college with mixed emotions - such as the desire to see your student develop independence, while still worrying if he or she will eat well and get enough sleep. This is normal!

To help support this transition, Wingate offers support, services, and encouragement to help your student graduate with prospects and purpose. This website is designed to offer practical reference information, contact numbers, and tips on dealing with transition. We believe that by providing parents and families with key tools and information, they can then empower their students to be successful at Wingate. Wingate desires to create an atmosphere where learning and growth will be experienced and where success can be defined and achieved. Everything we do points to leading a life of meaning and purpose, thus resulting in your student majoring in a great life. Purpose is not simply measured by gaining a job or top salary, but rather by the quality of impact the student has on the world around them. During your time with Wingate, we aim:

• to support you through the transition by providing information to help move forward and maintain balanced involvement while encouraging your student to take ownership for their educational experience, and
• to help your student receive all of the resources and support necessary to learn and grow. This is our job and our calling – we are blessed to help in this pivotal growing stage of student development.

In this moment of transition into university life there is cause for celebration and recognition of your leadership and accomplishment in bringing your student to this point! Congratulations!

You are now a part of the Wingate family. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of sharing in your student’s educational pursuits. We all look forward to a successful year ahead.

Glenda Bebber
Dean of Students