Housing Assignments

One of the most important parts of college is learning to live with different people. Roommates may have different interests, habits, ways of doing things, different hours, ways of dealing with stress and most importantly different ideas of compromise. Campus living can prove to be one of the most memorable parts of college life. Best friends can be made and friendships can be tested. Residence Life and its staff are committed to helping students adjust to having a roommate, as well guide them through the ups and downs of community living.

First-Year Housing Assignments

After a student is admitted, students will need to submit a Housing Questionnaire and enrollment deposit to the Office of Admissions. If a first-year student wants to request a roommate, please note your roommate request on your Housing Questionnaire.  If you have found a new roommate after you have submitted your Housing Questionnaire, please contact the Office of Residence Life by email with the name of the person that you would like to request as a roommate. The Office of Residence Life will send out housing assignments by the beginning of July.

Housing Sign-Ups

Returning students will complete housing sign-ups every spring for the following academic year. Students will be assigned a ranking number based on a formula which takes into account the student's GPA, cumulative hours earned and semesters at Wingate. Students will then have the opportunity to form groups of 1,2, 4 or 8 depending on where the group wants to live on campus. Groups will be able to sign up for housing based on their group's average. Incomplete groups will be assigned where openings occur.

Spring 2014 Housing Sign-Up Booklet

Room Changes

At the beginning of each semester, there will be an open room change week available to students who are interested in moving a few weeks after the semester has started. For all room change requests, students must first schedule a meeting with their RA/CA. If a simple switch is requested, the RA/CA will administer the change. If a simple switch is unavailable, the RA/CA will consult with the Resident Director and Assistant Director of Residence Life to determine if the request can be accommodated.

If a student has an opening in their room or apartment, the student will be given a chance to request a roommate within a certain time period determined by the Assistant Director of Housing Operations. If a student does not request a roommate, the Office of Residence Life reserves the right to fill the vacancy if needed.